Time out in 5 sec for long distance call

When we call to a long destination such as from Hong Kong to Australia, telco always drop the call in 5 sec.

This case is always happen when we dial a long distance call to a mobile.

Our switch is Asterisk + Sangoma AFT104D. And we are transparent. So we forward the message from carrier.

We founded that the the telco is waiting for MESSAGE ALERT. But before that
it time out.

The Cause Code is 102
Cause No. 102 - Timeout disconnect (Recovery on timer expiration)

Can we send ALERT to deceive the telco switch?
It is a good if we ask telco to increase the time out duration?

Please suggest.

I got reply from sangoma and digium.
Both of the classified this problem as a problem of libpri.

If so, is there any patch of libpri?

have a look atasterisk.org to see if there is an update. If not email the asterisk dev list (bugs.digium.com)