This will work... Right?

I know silly question but I am just rapping my head around all this and want to make sure I am doing the right thing. The trick is to have some call a DID and have it ring an exten on the asterisk server. Below is what I am purposing.

AT$T business Line --> Linksys SPA3102 FXO Port --> Asterisk Box

So If I am think right the SPA3102 will have an exten defined in sip.conf and when a user calls the AT$T line it will “ring” to that exten in the dial plan.

Sounds Good Right?

Thanks for any insight!!

Sounds good, just define a user/peer in sip.conf for the spa, set the “context” parameter to the right context defined in extensions.conf and then in extensions.conf, in the right context create the extension to handle the calls from the spa.
We’re using the SPA too, works well.


Marco Bruni

Thanks Marco. Glad to hear you have good luck with that device. This will be my first time using it.

Thanks Again!!