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I suppose that if anyone contributes some best/worst cases like these would help many others:

  1. asterisk box = P4+RAM1GB+HDD40GB
  2. 2 x Digium TDM04
  3. codec=gsm
  4. Telephones: 8 x X-ten
  5. SIP: T1
  6. CASE: 8 users + 3 lines PSTN + 2 SIP
  7. asterisk box = P2+RAM128MB+HDD3GB
  8. 2 x Digium TDM04
  9. codec=g729
  10. Telephones: 7 x X-ten
  11. SIP: ADSL128/384
    6 CASE: 7 users + 3 lines PSTN + 6 SIP
    (problems with echo and choppy sound)

i always thought some sort of matrix would be nice - where you could input your system specs, all of the metrics for your calls, and then rate CPU usage, disk usage, memory usage, network utilization, etc, so that there is some sort of flowchart others could use to dimension servers.

i like your idea, but it needs to be put in a database so that reports can be pulled and charts graphed - wouldn’t it be cool to be able to pull a chart that shows the number of concurrent calls based on a particular CPU speed, for a given codec, etc? this could be done easily in PHP, and if i ever win the lottery and have unlimited free time, i’ll gladly code something like that.

'cause I like what you said, I’ll be pleased to join you when and if I win mine.
Apparently the database is a very good idea and if someone won the lottery please code it.
Another thing that we need is [b]* benchmark test[\b].