This abbreviated code is not saved

I’m trying to set up a voice menu on my Asterisk that is running on my Synology NAS. Synology appears to have licensed Asterisk Appliance web UI.

I created my voice menu, gave it a name, gave it an extension of 7000, added some actions to it, specifically the first action was ‘Answer the call’. and then I have a “Play file & listen for keypress events” and an action to connect to an internal extension after that. I followed the example on page 78/79 of the AA50 admin manual.

When I dial 7000 on an internal extension, the Asterisk answers the phone and says “This abbreviated code is not saved”.

I’ve tried restarting Asterisk, even rebooting the NAS. The menu is still there after the reboot so surely it must be saved. Yet still, I cannot the Asterisk to play the message and wait for a key press.

Any ideas what it’s trying to tell me? To my astonishment, this phrase does not show up in search results, could I really be the only person to have run across this?

If they have paid for a licence, it is outside the scope of this forum, because this forum only deals with open source software.

However, Synology are known to be using some end of life software (Asterisk GUI) for which
no support is available, unless Synology are prepared to provide it.

Although no-one has definitely said that FreePBX runs on Synology hardware, the only significant currently supported GUI for Asterisk is FreePBX which is also not supported on this board.

Errr ummm well how…unexpected.