Third Party Voicemail

can I use a thirdparty voicemail other than asterisk mail?

sure. You can code it to interface with *, or you can make * interface to it with some dialplan tweaks. what kind of vmail are you trying to use?

I have a mitel 6510 UM Server. I can’t seem to get the voicemail greeting played.

hmmm, dunno about that system (dont know anything about it). what is it expecting from *?

Maybe it’sd because i’m using the Dial command in the extension priority list. Which command should I really be using for no answer? How should the dial plan be configured for any third party voicemail system?

Do you have a dial plan for a thrid party voicemail system I can look at?

Is it possible to set so that it can “call forward no answer” rather than just “call forward” to an extension #?

The quickest way to forwanrd on no answer is by using the timout with the dial cmd :

exten => 201,1,Dial(SIP/201,20)
exten => 201,n,(Anything else)

Automatically after 20 sec (4 ring) asterisk will stop to make SIP/201 ring and will pass to the next priority.

Are you sure that yor mitel box is not using the propritary protocol “minet” instead of SIP. You should verify this before to go further.

What would be in (anything else)? I don’t think I can use Dial(voicemail extension#).

Right now there is a T1 link bewteen our Nortel and Asterisk system. The mitel box is on the nortel network. Normally we set our nortel sets to call forward no asnwer to our voicemail extension #.

sure you can. it would be Dial(ZAP/gX/YY) gX=g0 or whatever group the PRI to the nortel is on, YY=mitel voicemail exten

I’ve tried it but no success. What that did was when a caller could not reach it’s intended party, it dialed the voicemail extension. It then provided the caller’s clid to the voicemail, since there isn’t a mailbox that matches the clid, it dumped it into the automated attendant rather than the intended voice mailbox.

Is there a switch/parameter I can add to the voicemail cmd to make it a call forward no answer to a third party mailbox? or maybe a setting on voicemail.conf?

if the voicemail box is looking for the extension as caller id, you can do something like:

exten => whatever,2,Set(CALLERID(Number)=${EXTEN})
this will set the caller id to whatever extension was just dialed…

I apologise for only skimming the rest of the posts, but if you throw in a NoOp command at places, you’ll get some info on the console.

I’ve used asterisk as a voicemail several times on a siemens hipath 3000 and what actually gets sent from the siemens to the zap card is a whole bunch of jibberish.

exten => 9XXXX3XXX,1,Answer()
exten => 9XXXX3XXX,2,Wait(1)
exten => 9XXXX3XXX,3,Voicemail(u${EXTEN:6})

what is happenign is that the siemens will send a whole bunch of junk as well as the extension number that is being forwarded. Get rid of the junk (i.e. the first 6 chars or whatever) and you’ll have the extension that is being forwarded.

You’ll then probably wanna set the message wait light on your phone system - which you’ll have to read the manual for. For example, to set the MWI on a siemens you dial *68 and to turn it off #68 - you’ll wanna use the voicemail externnotify setting to run a script that checks the number of messages and if it is 0, it’ll set the MW I to off. There is a good example of a script at voip-info under the voicemail.conf page. google asterisk + voicemail.conf and you’ll find it.