There is a open source IVR that work witch Asterisk?

Hi all,
my questions is very strange, i’m sorry :smile:
My customers have a vpn networks, witch 1 Ced and 10 site externall.
The vpn is over MPLS from one Provider.

He want a Asterisk cluster in the CED, and the IVR
in 2 site, is possible ?
I need a IVR that can works witch the Asterisk cluster, can you help me ?

why not use the IVR built into Asterisk?

Because he want the PABX/Cluster in the CED, and the IVR in the remote site, because the ISDN PRI are connect in the routers media gateway in the remote site, and he dont want that the IVR streaming flooding the vpn :frowning:

So stick a * server there !

How many extensions do you intend to have in total?


I need 120 extensions and 80 agents
where, 80 exten are in the ced and 40 in the remote site
60 agents are in the ced and 20 in the remote site

So you need one server in the central site how many remote sites are there ? is it 2 of twenty each or 20 of 2 each ?