The Perfect Router?


I am going to convert a small office to asterisk using a cable modem for connectivity. I have searched all over the web for a router that has all of the following features:

Dynamic DNS Support

Have any of you found such a device? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Randy Quick

might check this out

Thanks, but I am not looking to build my own. I would prefer a turn key box if it exists.

I can find routers with firewalls and VPN functionality, and I can find routers with firewall and QOS functionality, but not all of the above.

i’m trying this out at the mo:

This might not be quite what you are looking for, however it might introduce some interesting possibilities. Take a look at Edgewater Networks, something like the Edgemarc 4200 series. It has QoS, a rock solid firewall, a VPN, a ‘proper’ DHCP server for the phones. I don’t think it has the Dynamic DNS Support though - but that is easily enough handled by the Asterisk server and a proper daemon (although it might have it?). Just a thought - it’s purpose is beyond what you are looking for but …


p.s. - if you are just looking for a SOHO router, Dlink has one that does all of what your are looking for I think:

you don’t need to use the second WAN side. I have no experience with either but it provides some options.

The d-link is perfect. I can’t beleive I couldn’t find it in all of my searchs. I will just have to pair it up with d-link’s 16 port PoE/QoS switch.

Thanks for the help everybody!

Linksys WRT54g/gs wireless routers have been very popular because they can be flashed with a custom linux distro. There are several options - google for sveasoft, hyper-wrt, and the one I use - DD-WRT
does everything you listed. people have even succeeded getting a barebones asterisk install on the router!

just be careful to check the version of the router you buy… they have had a couple of versions that weren’t upgradeable. Easy enough to research & navigate this problem, though.

This router may also be worth consideration: … oductID=58

It also has the advantage of SIP capability. You can buy it at Voxilla: … 253&page=1

Of course, you can get all this capability (and more) for $70 with a Linksys WRT54GL and 3rd-party firmware like DD-WRT. Of course, that also comes with the added excitement of ongoing release cycles that introduce bugs etc.