The operator in the queue is calling on the second line

When agents from the queue make an outgoing call to an outside line, they sometimes receive calls from their queue during the conversation.

how to make calls barring on the second line, if the agent from the queue is busy, when the agent himself made an outgoing call to the street, then he should not receive a call from his queue?

make sure you have the right settings in agent.conf ,

I not use agent.conf file.

my queues look like this

strategy = ringall
joinempty = paused,invalid,unavailable,penalty,invalid,unknown  
periodic-announce-frequency = 30                                
announce-frequency = 0                                          
timeout =30                                                   
retry = 1;

member => SIP/223,2
member => SIP/224,2
member => SIP/225,2


in a sip.conf file need to write the next parameter


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