The old what hardware do I need question

Hi all,

We’re looking at replacing our ailing Avaya phone system, potentially with *. I’ve been asked to draw up costs and so on. The advice on hardware seems to be sketchy, generally, or I’m looking in the wrong place!

We’re looking at 8 PRI lines coming in, handling up to 300 calls per 15 mins (what does that average to? er… 20 per minute). We have a call centre environment, with many NGN (Non-Geographic Numbers - 0845 types) coming in. These need branding before routing to certain phones / hunt groups.

Budget’s not really an issue at the moment, so if anyone can advise of the sort of kit we’d need to be looking at then I’d be appreciative.

Please feel free to request more info if I’ve not provided enough.

TIA, Rich