The lowest price ip phone ,voice gateway(ata)

this is Jacky from YUXIN -----
at first i am sorry for disturb you .
as we all know ,PA1688 chipset discontinuted in Mar,2006.
but many clients still has strong interest in it.
these days i got at least 20k PA1688 chipset again.
so that means we still can provide large numbers of YWH10,YWH100,YWH200,YWH500 ip phone
and YGW20 ATA. .
the price is absolutely very attractive .
It is the final chance to buy the ip phone based on PA1688.
SO please catch the time .
please contact me by my hotmail or other mail box if you have interest
in any of them.
If you want to know more of our produce ,please check
We will release 4 FXS gateway with SIP,H323 protocol and IP CAMERA in a short future.
For all new goods ,whether how many you order ,we can provide to you.
all our ip phone ,voice gateway(ata) can work well with Asterisk.
welcome to test.
best regards