The correct number analysis

Good day!
There is Asterisk 1.8, Dahdi 2.6, Libss7-1.2, Board Digium TE122.
Asterisk connected to PSTN through E1 (protocol C7). Link is up, calls ok.

We need to organize same of service numbers, using digits and the “#” symbol.
Through C7 “#” character is transmitted as “b”.

Dialed the number is 115#1#.

extensions.conf have exten:

exten => _115.,1,Answer()
exten => _115.,n,AGI(,${EXTEN}} ${CALLERID(num)})
exten => _115.,n,Hangup()

After dialing 115#1# i get answer “you dialed the wrong number”

SS7 debug messages:


[1] Called Party Number:

[1] Nature of address: 3

[1] NI: 0

[1] Numbering plan: 1

[1] Address signals: 115

[1] [ 06 83 10 11 b5 b1 0f ]

It is seen that only analyzed the digits 115.

Question: What and Where shoud i change to analyze all digits and symbols?
By the way on the bottom line of debug [ 06 83 10 11 b5 b1 0f ] present full number.
PS. Before we used Asterisk 1.2, Zaptel 1.4 and chan_ss7 - all digits and symbols was analyzed.

Please help me to solve the problem.

I thinks you have a wrong syntax in this line:
exten => _115.,n,AGI([color=#FF0000],${EXTEN}} [/color]${CALLERID(num)})
the correct is : exten => _115.,n,AGI(,${EXTEN} ${CALLERID(num)})

Check it now
with regards.Mojtaba

In any case, this is not a support forum and you haven’t provided the contents of the AGI script.