The art of ringing without ringing

Hi All!
Here’s some background: I have my asterisk box talking to my media centre so when a call comes in and I’m watching a Movie, it will throw up a notification on my media centre screen. What Id really like it to do is not ring any of the phones in my house (easy enough) BUT I still want to be able to pick up a phone and answer the incoming call if I choose.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve this? I was thinking I could put them on hold with the ringing tone as the hold music, but then how to do I get them off hold and through one of my phones?

Any suggestions gratefully received

A very simple approach would be just to mute the ringer on the phone. That way the phone will be “ringing”, but because the ringtone on the phone is muted, you will not hear anything.
That way you can choose to answer the phone or not. And you will also have a good missed call history on the phone itself.

Thanks for the suggestion dejanst, but that doesn’t really solve my problem. The point of the exercise is to have it totally automated, so I don’t need to remember to put any phones on silent. Do you know if there is a way of dialing a number and getting access to calls on hold?

Can you do something with call parking?