Testing if Asterisk works

i am still in doubt if Asterisk was successfully installed here on my computer…
i tried running the ‘echo test’… but unfortunately i wasnt able to hear any any voice feedback… is my Asterisk working right?

what other tests must i do?

If you are very close (networkwise) to the server, you may not perceive echo. (Yes you still “hear” it; c.f. voip-info.org/wiki/view/Causes+of+Echo) But if you hear any voice prompt (assuming you are using the sample dial plan), you can say installation is successful.

A better test is to register two soft phones and try to dial and talk from one to the other. This will require you to configure a dial plan.

If you want to do test with the sample dial plan (and other configurations) Asterisk provided, yet another useful test is to dial 500. This should connect you to a Digium test server.