Test the FXO/Dial plan by same phone line or computer only?

Is that possible to test my dial plan by using the same telephone line, because I only have one line available which is connected to the line port of FXO(X100P) clone card.

Or could be tested by typing some command on the linux computer ?

Calling from my cell phone costs too much money in NZ.

Thanks for the answer.

You can test dialplan by creating internal numbers that will redirect caller to specific context.
extensions.conf example:
exten => s,1,do_somethiong…
exten => 100,1,Dial(SIP/John)

exten => 543,1,goto(incoming|s|1) ; dial to test incoming calls in [incoming] context

Thank you for answer!

But how can I make an internal call? Do you mean I can use the phone which connect to the [telephone port] on the back of FXO card to call myself ? So what should I press?

If I create another context name [internal] in extensions.conf, what should I do with zaptel.conf?

Should I create another channel in it like:

fxsks =1
fxsks = 2
loadzone = nz
defaultzone = nz

You need to phone lines to call yourself…

ohh, i see the problem. Your asterisk box only has one channel, period. No extensions or anything.

The easiest way would be to set up a softphone on a computer (IE sjphone or x-lite) and set up a SIP channel for it. voip-info.org should have a tutorial on doing this…

You might also consider an inexpensive SIP phone to play with. Grandstream Budgetone and GXP2000 are great for this purpose.

Yes, thank you. Setup a SIP channel would be a good idea.

in the asterisk CLI you can use the
dial [extension]@[context]

You can do
dial 1@outgoing

Wherin the dialplan you have

exten => 1,1, Dial(Zap/1/[Your cell no])