Termination for Notification Services

We are currently looking to move from our traditional ISDN 30 based services to SIP/IAX termination for voice calls.

System Description

Our system is an incident management system that in the event of a disaster we have the requirement to deliver a prerecorded message to up to 1000 people at any one time. This would consist of a short message of approximately 10 to 12 seconds long. As with the scenario of disaster recovery this system would be dormant for most of the time however the system, when initiated would have a burst of activity for approximately 30 minutes and then return to its dormant state.

We are looking for a hosting provider to deliver the ability to provide termination services for up to 1000 calls based on the scenario above. Remember that this is a standby system that would only be used in extreme scenarios and testing. We will also have a mandatory requirement of a G729 + G711 codec.

Tender replies should consist of a breakdown of the rental of such channels on a monthly basis plus call costs.

We would be looking for contract duration of a minimum of 12 months.

100 Channels
200 Channels
300 Channels
400 Channels
500 Channels
600 Channels
700 Channels
800 Channels
900 Channels
1000 Channels

Tender Offers must be received before 19/09/2008 @ 12:00 GMT

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