Has anyone got asterisk working with a telewest standard POTS line,im having problems with hangup detection with analog line.

I have a tdm400p with 1 fxs,1 fxo Connected to my phone line,With an analog phone connected also, but asterisk is not detecting hangups, telewest support have no idea what call supervision is :astonished:

im wondering would setting the setting to US instead of UK work ?, i i heard some cable providers use bell not v23


I did try this using the standard US settings on Telewest some time ago and it seemed to work OK with a TDM400 card.

ok was it a regular residental line ?..

and you had no problems with hangup detection with a remote call ?
umm will give it a try

Normal residential line.

No problem with hangups.

I did have a problem with hangups when I tried to use a Grandstream HT-488 though.