Technology of endpoint

I want to use multiple technologies for the same internal numbers, in particular, PJSIP and SKINNY. The same number may belong both to pjsip and skinny, and asterisk needs to know, what channel to dial. I need to find out, that technology the subscriber is currently using and then dial. I tried to use the ChanIsAvail application, but it throws errors, if a dialed endpoint (skinny line) is either non-existent or turned off. What is the best way to search for an available channel for an internal number?

Is there any reason you can’t just dial both at once?

When I dial unavailable endpoints, the Dial application throws errors and warnings.
I think it is good to check the state of endpoints, whether there is an unconditional, busy forwarding and and then dial, if one exists. With PJSIP only everything works fine.

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