TE412P as PointoPoint data link over 4E1 for 4x2=8Mb


Trying to configure TE412P as point to point data link over 4E1 for 4x2=8Mb data service combinedly . But I am getting only 2Mb data bandwidth with those 4E1.

Here is below config what I did …


span = 1,0,0,ccs,hdb3

span = 2,0,0,ccs,hdb3

span = 3,0,0,ccs,hdb3

span = 4,0,0,ccs,hdb3


From CommandLine

/sbin/sethdlc-new hdlc0 hdlc-eth
/sbin/ifconfig hdlc0 up

/sbin/ifconfig hdlc0 netmask broadcast up

Definitely I am missing something . Can anyone push me to the right direction ?



I havent configured that yet, but please only hit submit once. Sometimes the forums are slow to post, so be patient.