TE220PEX (PCI EXPRESS) kernel panic with Octasic DSP board

I just bought some brand new TE220PEX cards, they are PCI express.
Also bought the Octasic VPMOCT064 rev.B1 daughter card.
I am running Fedora Core 7 with kernel 2.6.22 kernel.

The problem is when I boot the machine with the daughter card plugged, Linux get panic dumping registers and hanging the machine.

The panic occurs in the UDEV boot fase.

If I remove the Octasic DSP card the system boots fine and Asterisk runs smooth.
Also if I use the TE205P (pci bus) with the card plugged in a pci slot the system also boot fine.
So I am guessing the problem is related with PCI Express with Octasic firmware.

I want to know if there is some kind of bug when loading Octasic firmware with Pci Express TE220PEX cards?