TDMoE technology is to connect only TWO asterisk PBX over ethernet alone or it can be implemented in VOIP ( internet) connected to Asterisk server on ehternet card.

Anyone used TDMoE pls advice


TDMoE as i understand it is not internet routable, it will only work on local networks.

You would want IAX2 or SIP for internet transport. IAX2 has a trunk mode which reduces overhead, if you keep more than 4 calls going at a time it will save bandwidth.

If you decide to use TDMoE you will want it on it’s own network with it’s own network devices separate from any internal LAN or external internet connection. It generates a ton of traffic. The most I had done is connect 3 machines together with virtual E1s over a dedicated LAN. Worked fine, but was a pain to setup and not very easily configurable for quick changes in the network.

We eventually switched to IAX2 and have been happy with that.