TDM440E or AEX440E

Is PCI/PCI-E the only difference between these cards? Is there any reason why I should choose one over the other assuming I have both PCI and PCI-E available?

Thanks, Deek

PCI express slots are faster than legacy PCI

look here:

Thanks for the answer, thats a bit like saying a chicken is faster then a turkey when they are both on the plate in front of you! I agree with you, but bus speed is not really and issue as both buses are fast enough to support 4 analog lines at full speed.

If you are comparing this: … =1TDM440EF

To this: … =1AEX440EF

Then the cards are exactly the same except the AEX440E is the PCI Express(PCIe) version of the TDM440E which is regular PCI.