TDM400P vs A400P

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two cards as well as any difference between the TDM2400 and A1200 offered by Openvox in terms of quality. I came across these two cards while learning to configure the TDM400. Are they just clones? Does quality suffer because of this and what about the drivers for the Openvox devices are they compatible to Digium. Can they operate in the same PBX? Thanks for any responses.

Come on guys, where is the love?

Can’t really tell you the difference other than that they are clones and made in China… You can find plenty of info around regarding bad quality on other clones atleast.

Thanks angler, I will continue my research.

I am not sure about your particular product but I have heard some bad horror stories about clone cards, esp the multi port ones. Impedence mismatches, heavy unsolvable echo issues, etc etc…

of course they will give you negative answer, as i know they refused to accept software patch from openvox.

i see no negative answers, just advice to tread carefully. any anyway, what would you expect ? any chance you’re employed by the manufacturer of these cards then ?