TDM400 FXO can't connect to DDI line

I had testing TDM400 with A@H 2.8. Everything works fine. I want to direct forward incoming call to extension and try to interface with a DDI line. However the TDM400 card can’t use the line. If the TDM400 can’t communicate with DDI line, what card should I use ?

what is a DDI line ? do you mean an ISDN-based circuit ? if so, you’ll need something to match, from either Digium or Sangoma, depending on the hardware you have and the circuit you’re connecting to. give us some more details and we’ll point you in the right direction.

It is not a ISDN-line. It is a line provided by HK’s telephone company. I had been ask our telephone company. They only said that it was a DDI line. The line is using by our FAX server.

waaahhh !!! using what technology ? unless someone else is here from HK and knows what you/your telco means by DDI ??

in the UK (and i think you probably share similar technology given the history), DDI is only available on ISDN-based circuits (discounting distinctive ringing).

here’s another avenue … what fax server is it ? make and model. or describe the plug/socket the fax server connects with.

I still asking our telephone to clarify the type. Our Fax server is using a Brooktrout Fax card. The line is for incoming fax only.

I believe we have a similar trunk here in California. It looks a lot like a regular POTS connection but it’s really an incoming DID trunk. We use ours with a Brooktrout card.