TDM2400 - hints(?)

Hi All,

We just got our asterisk system + 35 snom320 phones with a basic, bare configuration.

We have a tdm2400 with 2 fxo modules = 8 outgoing PSTN lines.

Just wondering - is it possible to have some of a handset’s line keys behave like a status display for any of the 8 outgoing lines (assuming the handset has 8 spare buttons)?

Additionally, is it then possible to use those line buttons to select a particular line to dial out?

I’m new to all this and would appreciate any help, including pointers to specific pages / documentation / examples I can look at.


SLA is new (and largely untested) in Asterisk 1.4.1 and trunk. knock yourself out :smiley:

there are threads on here, and the asterisk-users mailing list ( and some docmentation on the wiki as well as in the Asterisk source/configs directory.

I think you can use a status display with hints, ie
exten => 1234,hint,Zap/1
but i could be wrong on that.

1.4.1 added SLA support as was mentioned, that would allow each button to behave like a line button from a standard analog key system/hybrid…