TDM Channel Alignment in Digum T1/E1 PRI cards

Digium Announces Second Generation Firmware for T1/E1 Cards that it has TDM channel alignment in hardware for greater voice integrity and reliability. What does it mean?

That was many moons ago. As far as the end user is concerned, it means that the hardware is used more efficiently when data is transferred from the system to the card. Rather than aligning channels in the driver, which takes extra CPU cycles, channels, e.g. 1-23 for a span, are aligned in the hardware, which doesn’t take extra CPU cycles.

We’re onto firmware 5.x these days, I believe.

Thanks for your clarifications.
Is TDM channel allignment in E1/T1 cards done through FPGA or Framer technique?


From the customer’s perspective, why does it matter?