TDM Card port always offhook

I tried searching, but didn’t find anything that really sounded like my problem. I have a TDM03B card installed in a FC3 server. I have set up port 1 as my incoming port (context=from-pstn), and the 2 other ports as outgoing (context=default). I can call out without issue. When I call in, I get a busy signal. Even when the server is rebooting, I get a busy signal. I have a unique setup that is fed from the analog card of my Option 11. All 3 ports are fed from the same card. Whenever I show the zap channels, it always shows port 1 offhook. This would explain the busy signal. I’m just wondering why I’m getting it in the first place. If more info is needed, just tell me what to post. Thanks in advance


Did you try Digium support that you paid for with the card ?