TDM 400 Card support for vonage


using TDM 400P card can i connect 3 BRI lines for PSTN calling. will this card support Vonage lines

how can setup a infrastructure where i can use my existing analog phones and IP Phones as well.

TDM400 card is analog lines only. It will support vonage lines, but this setup is not recommended. A better voip provider (there are many) will let you connect your * box directly to their server over the Internet, no adapters needed. The TDM400 card will not support BRI.

TDM400 card with FXS modules will let you connect your existing analog phones as extensions. TDM400 supports up to 4 lines or extensions (you choose by adding modules). How this will work depends on how many analog phones you have. If you have more than 4-5 you should consider somthing like the TDM2400 card, which supports up to 24 lines or extensions.
Another option would be a channel bank. This supports up to 24 lines or extensions in a stand alone device which then connects to * with a PRI interface (you need to also buy a PRI card). There are also a few USB2.0 channel banks (xorcom astribank) which i have heard pretty good things about. Those as i recall support up to 32 ports per device.

Asterisk doesn’t particularly care if you are using an analog phone or an IP phone. It’s just a destination to send the call, be it ZAP/18 (TDM card port 18) or SIP/1512 (sip peer 1512) it doesn’t particularly matter.