Tar.gz or svn installation for bluetooth channel


i am planning to install a second asterisk box for bluetooth channel
for our “follow me” through SMS feature.
i read from here thetechguide.com/howto/aster … tooth.html about the interfacing of ASTERISK and MOTO RAZR V3
thru blutooth channel. likewise i read some docs that i need patch some file in order to make it work.
i am not good yet for patching files.

So what would be the best distro for
bluetooth channel installation the tar.gz or SVN?

Is * 1.4 tar.gz releases has already the bluetooth channel or .conf?

im going to use Belkin F8T001V BT dongle and Ericson T68i (not MOTO RAZR V3) coz i already read about the AT commands(T68i) for pressing keys from PC and other thing.

please let me know what i need more to know

thanks really

any suggestion for today:)