Talking Clock

I am creating a simple IVR menu at the moment and one of the option would be to get the current local time. I know there is a talking clock example script
some where on the system but could some one tell me where this file is located, so that I can have a look at the code and try and get a understanding of how custom scripts work under Asterisk.

I know I could just point the IVR script to the Talking clock default script but I want to get the user back after hearing the time rather than just stick them through to the talking Clock and leaving them there until the hang up.

The reason why I am trying to get the time and possible the date is that I will have overseas callers calling in to the system and they have no idea some times what the local time zone is. May be there might be a better way of doing this rather that having some thing like Press 1 for the local time.

Maybe I could have some thing like

Good Morning and welcome to ABC Company the local time is now 3am
To be put through to Sales Press 1 to be put through to Tech support press 2.

why not just write the IVR with an option that does a SayUnixTime() and then returns to the IVR ?

Arrrr I knew there would be a easy way, I just had a quick google on SayUnixTime() and found a few links to have a read up on this. But is there any websites that you could recomend so I dont ask silly questions like this again ?

the best way to see what apps are already installed is at the CLI, i.e.CLI> show applications which will return a list of everything your Asterisk server has registered as apps, similarly CLI> show functions will do the same for functions.

then to see more about an app or function use CLI> show application <app_name> e.g. CLI> show application NoOp

Thank you baconbuttie you have given me more to read and play with.