T-1 routing of calls back out T-1

Would it be possible for * to receive inbound calls on a T-1, so the caller will receive the voice menu and when the caller presses an option, it actually redirects that call back out the T-1 to another 8xx number?

I am trying to build more of a virtual PBX, so an inbound call gets redirected backout the T-1 to forward the call on to a 8xx destination.

Any suggestions?

yeah, we have something similar…problem is that you end up using two channels per call then, so if you’re running T1’s like we are, you burn two channels for one call.

if this is ok with you, you basically just need to set up something like this in your incoming context:


that will bridge the incoming call with an outbound call to the number of your choice…if you need to call a SIP or IAX number, then just insert the appropriate syntax.

hope this helps.