Syntax to SIP NOTIFY a range of peers?

I’m running Open Source Asterisk 1.2.13 compiled from source on CentOS 4.3.

At the Asterisk CLI, I can successfully:

 >sip notify aastra-check-cfg 101 102 103 104 105

and the phones will resync.

This works fine for a small number of peers, but is inconvenient when you have dozens of peers to resync.

I’m sure that there’s a way to specify a range of peers, but I can’t find the syntax and it doesn’t appear to be documented. How can I resync a range of peers?


asterisk on the cli won’t understand like sip notify check-sync 101-109 because it sees each sip peer as a separate entity, not looking for patterns in the names.

what you could do is write a shell script that would take an argument like 101-109 and translate it into the right sequence, then do asterisk -rx sip notify check-sync (resulting sequence). You could also do this from the dialplan by using the System() app to execute the same command…