Syntax error in app_rpt.c

Hi all,

When compiling Asterisk I get this error whenever the make process reaches app_rpt.c:

app_rpt.c: In function ‘rpt_call’:
app_rpt.c:2528: error: expected expression before ‘<<’ token
app_rpt.c:2535: error: expected expression before ‘==’ token

Looking at that line of app_rpt.c file, you can see some lines like these which seem to be remained from the patching system:

I wonder how this mistake can happen by Asterisk team :exclamation:
Can Anyone suggest a way to compile the file successfully?

I’m sure it was an honest mistake. Why not just checkout the previous version until it’s fixed, or manually update the code snippet?

static void *rpt_call(void *this)
DAHDI_CONFINFO ci; /* conference info */
struct rpt *myrpt = (struct rpt *)this;
int res;
struct ast_frame wf;
int stopped, congstarted, dialtimer, lastcidx, aborted;
struct ast_channel *mychannel, *genchannel;