Synology DiskStation w/ Sangoma USB-FXO

I have a Synology DiskStation that I run Asterisk on. Recently I bought a Sangoma USB-FXO for the setup. I have the USB-FXO plugged in and the diskstation shows that it is hooked up in the controlpanel>hardware
but when I go into Asterisk it doesn’t indicate that there are any analog trunks detected.
(also I don’t know anything about CLI in DiskStation so I only use GUI)

I am posting here because when I asked synology for help they told me to contact digium, and now digium instructed me to post here… so I have a feeling I’m getting the run around & no one really knows.

Hope someone out there can help me… Thanks

Actually you need to contact Sangoma.

Also, I believe Synology use a GUI that is no longer supported, but don’t seem to support it themselves.