Switchvox FTP server upload fails

I’m having trouble setting up an FTP server to upload phone recordings to. What I have is an AWS ec2 instance and installed vsftpd to it. I created an ftp user for it and an AWS S3 bucket mapped to a directory that the ftp user has access to. The idea is that Switchvox pushes phone recordings to this ftp server which ends up in an S3 bucket.

The FTP user has all correct access and I can verify by logging into the server via a client and upload/download/delete files with no problem. I run into problems when I try to test my connection settings in the Switchvox portal. The test can successfully log in with the ftp user and navigate to the proper directory, but fails on file upload. But I can’t think of anything to try since the ftp user has all the proper permissions and I can upload files using other methods.

Switchvox isn’t supported on here. You should use the support methods provided by Digium to receive help.

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