Switchboard for Asterisk


We are running asterisk 1.4 which is working fine. We require a Switchboard application to be used by the main receptionists to manage incoming and outgoing calls. We have tried the ‘asterisk receptionist 1.2.2’ and ‘SwitchBoard 1.0.6’ applications but have not had much success.

What we require is something quite simple with an ‘easy to use’ interface for the receptionists to manage phone calls. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations. Instructions on setting up would also be appreciated


Have you looked at flash ops panel.
its very fleable and can be extended to fit most situations.


Hi, thanks for your advice on using flash op panel. We have set up fop on our asterisk server and, having installed Apache, can navigate to the page showing the buttons. We have implemented some buttons representing extensions in our asterisk setup.

Viewing the output of netstat it appears that fop is connected to asterisk. However, the page is not showing call activity in asterisk, and dragging a phone icon to another button does not initiate a call.

I have checked manager.conf and confirmed that the username and password are correct and should allow fop to communicate with asterisk. Do you have any idea why fop is not showing asterisk activity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



What does show manager connected show ? it should say that something like

Username IP Address ippbx

also have you started the opserver.pl ? Im sure you have but got to ask.

Also what browser are you using? and have you got a crossdomain.xml file ?

If you start the .pl file not as a daemon you will be able to see whats happening


The output of ‘show manager connected’ is correct, matching what you posted, indicating that a connection has bee made using the account in manager.conf.

The op_server.pl script is being run by the initialisation script, op-panel, in /etc/init.d. I tried to run it by navigating to /usr/sbin and typing ./op_server.pl but it errored saying:
‘Missing security_code in op_server.cfg! at ./op_server.pl line 592.’

I have checked the op_server.cfg file in /etc/op-panel and the security_code has been set. Could this be why fop isn’t working?

Also, I have tried this using firefox on an ubuntu machine and in firefox and IE7 on a Windows PC - same result each time. What would I need a crossdomain.xml file for?