Switch 1 port Mac table limit?

I want to ask a question about networking.
There are many switches which connected to eachother as serial or as parallel.
How does first switch knows MAC address of a device which is located to under 10th switch?
Because first switch can know only about a device which is attached to its port directly.
If there are hundreds of device which attached to its ports. Switch maps these devices to attached ports?
And what is the limit mapped devices to only one port of switch?

This is nothing to do with Asterisk.

If you are talking about Ethernet hubs, as I understand it, if they don’t know a MAC address, they broadcast the packet.

I meant like this scenario. How does host A communicates with host B?
One port of switch can be map to multiple MAC addresses?

Initially, a switch does not know any MAC addresses - even directly connected ones. Once an Ethernet frame is about to be sent, a switch broadcasts it to all the interfaces. If you have a stack of switches, this process is repeated by each node.
Once a reply to an original Ethernet frame is received, the switch ‘memorizes’ the port from which it came and stores it in a MAC address table in a format (‘port number’ <> ‘MAC address’) .
Since then, the switch will send frames for the same (already known) MAC address to that port only, reducing the amount of broadcast traffic.

Usually, there is no such limit but there is a limit on the size of the whole MAC address table. It depends on the equipment vendor, model and software.

BTW, how is this topic related to Asterisk?

So did you see image which was sent by me? In my scenario if hosts send ethernet frames eachother while going through the switches so there will travel many broadcast packets in my network?It is not good situation for my network?because one of switch port can be mapped to only one MAC address.
In my scenario there will be many broadcast packets most of time?? Am I right?

This is not an appropriate subject for this forum and you have already been given enough detail to answer the question.

Friend yes this subject is not directly connected to asterisk but some people might use like this scenario.
By the way I could not get my answer.
I want to know that one port of switch can store only one MAC address at any time?or one port can be store two or more mac address?

Yes. A switch will save in a MAC address table for any given port all the MACs it learns through it.

Thanks. At the last I got my answer : ))