Swift can not load voice?!

hi all… again… here is another one. it’s probably really simple…

trying to use swift with 1.4…
i get app_swift.c:336 engine: Failed to set voice.

the voice works fine if i feed it text files to make wav files. but the Swift command itself bails out… why?

here is the set up:

cat /etc/asterisk/swift.conf


// here above i had [general] as context above voice but same result.

exten => s,n,Swift(welcome to my world)

*CLI> extensions reload

– Executing [s@tpg:2] Swift(“SIP/xds72moF91-0997c868”, “welcome to my world”) in new stack
[Mar 10 13:51:43] NOTICE[27194]: app_swift.c:302 engine: Text to Speak : welcome to my world
[Mar 10 13:51:43] ERROR[27194]: app_swift.c:336 engine: Failed to set voice.

/opt/swift/bin/swift --voices

Swift command-line synthesis program
Version 5.1.0 of July 2008
Copyright © 2000-2006, Cepstral LLC.

Voice Version Lic? Gender Age Language Sample Rate
Allison-8kHz 5.1.0 Yes Female 28 US English 8000 Hz
Diane-8kHz 5.1.0 No female 35 US English 8000 Hz

asterisk -rx “core show application swift”

-= Info about application ‘Swift’ =-

Speak text through Swift text-to-speech engine.

Syntax: Swift(text[|timeout in ms|maximum digits])
Example: Swift(Hello World|5000|5) = 5 second delay between 5 digits
This application operates in two modes. One is processing text-to-speech while
listening for DTMF and the other just processes the text-to-speech while ignoring
DTMF entirely.
Unless the timeout and maximum digits options are BOTH specified, the application
will automatically ignore DTMF.
Returns -1 on hangup or 0 otherwise.

it appears the problem is in app_swift-1.4.2/app_swift.c

if ((voice = swift_port_set_voice_by_name(port, cfg_voice)) == NULL) {
ast_log(LOG_ERROR, “Failed to set voice.\n”);
goto exception;

wonder why?

when i do reload on the cli i see all kinds of confs reloade but the swift.conf is not there. al thought it is in the /etc/asterisk directory…

Did you ever find the root of this problem? I’m suffering from the same issue.

not the solution you’re looking for but a workaround
exten => 84,1,System(/usr/local/bin/swift -m text “welcome to my world” -o /tmp/welcome.wav)
exten => 84,n,Playback(/tmp/welcome)