SUSE 9.1 and Zaptel


after installation the zaptel-1.2.1 software at my Linux suse PC the network card stops working.
The Linux system was fresh installed and all komponents are working.
The nic got a Ip Address !!

Before i have installed Zaptel all dependencies are loaded as well.
The steps i did to install Zaptel

1.upack the tar.gz file to /usr/src/zaptel-1.2.1
2.make clean
3.make install
No fault occured.

Any Idea.

Br Stefan

suse 9.3 - no problem…
suse 10.0 = no problem…
see README.udev for problems with zaptel on suse…
but i have no problem on my system.
why are you using 9.1? - use 9.3 or 10.0. they much more stable…

Hi, upgrade 9.1 to suse 10. ( new installation)
now it works.
Br Stefan