Support for BitTorrent Bleep

Full disclosure: my name is Farid Fadaie and I’m in charge of BitTorrent Bleep (a private P2P SIP-based messaging application in early alpha)

I have personally been a fan of Asterisk and have been using it for years and now that we have (kind of) released Bleep, I wanted to ask you guys to let us know what you think. Considering that Bleep is built on an engine (think of it as a distributed SIP proxy) that supports SIP, I thought it might be beneficial to ask you guys for your ideas.

Here is what I have in mind but will be happy to hear your thoughts on everything that is relevant to Bleep and Asterisk:

1- What do you think about supporting Bleep in Asterisk? Similar to Skype channels but way more flexible (considering the interface will be SIP). Our engine can take care of all lookups, NAT traversals, encryption, etc. We can essentially enable Asterisk connected devices to be able to talk to Bleep users.

2- How could the Asterisk community benefit from Bleep (or the engine behind it)?

3- what features would you like to see implemented in Bleep (the consumer app) or its engine?

Let’s see if we can come up with any interesting idea. Thanks in advance.


You might want to cross-post to the asterisk-users mailing list ( as I suspect the audience there is a better candidate to get involved or provide useful input to your query.


Thanks. done.