Suggestion: option to disable automatic behavior?


I was working a lot with asterisk the last few months, and I run into problems lots of times. In most cases it was due to the automatic handling of channels and bridging. As a programmer, I wish I could just create and destroy, bridge and unbridge channels on my behalf, but that seems not to be supported by now. Or am I wrong?

I wished there would be a way for asynchronous/nonblocking execution of dialplan applications that would normally block, and/or a way to disable automatic bridging for all relevant applications.

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I think that FreeSwitch operates more like that.

Anything that involves bridging in Asterisk fundamentally has to block, as the thread that runs the dialplan is resonsible for forwarding media frames between the two parties. However, you can use things like the G option on Dial to get finer control as to when the bridge is built.

In any case, these are developer topics, and would be better on the developer mailing list or IRC channel.