Suddenly stopped working

Hi all-

I finally got Asterisk setup on a linux box, making calls out on a local cable-supported phone line, but when the box was shipped to our hosting company, it stopped being able to make calls. I suggested that the guys at the facility had plugged their VoIP-supported phonejack into the wrong port and had them switch it. Now Asterisk thinks it’s making calls after “clearing a Red Alarm” (a term I cannot find any documentation for) or, after a recompile, “Reason 0” (another term I can’t find info on).

Can anyone offer any advice? Should we swtich the line back to the other port?

Get them to check the cable they’re using. I had a problem where asterisk thought it was dialing, but it wasn’t and it was down to not using the right cable

You shouldn’t need to recompile.

There may be any number of configuration reasons explaining why you can’t complete a call after the move. I might suspect something in sip.conf (your old IP address/FQDN in externip, for example), or maybe a firewall/Nat or some other connectivity issue.

If you post the output from the console when a failed call attempt happens, we might be able to help debug.

The red alarm probably comes from a disconnected channel. The only place I’ve seen this is when you have a zaptel card (e.g., X100P) and unplug the PSTN line from it. If you do indeed have a zaptel card, you can check the status of the card/line with zttool.

Nov 20 11:54:04 WARNING[21528]: Read error on sound device: Resource temporarily unavailable
Nov 20 11:54:04 WARNING[21453]: Unable to get our IP address, Skinny disabled
Nov 20 11:54:05 NOTICE[21554]: Unable to request channel Zap/1/1646XXXXXXX
Nov 20 11:54:05 NOTICE[21554]: Call failed to go through, reason 0

(my number is XXX’d out)

If * can’t get an IP address, it acts up. Do they have DHCP active? If not, set a static IP on the box.


what do you see with zttool?

hey guys, thanks for responding–

the box is on a static IP, and zttool sees the card and says there are no alarms.

Sorry, I’m not sure what else to suggest.

I googled on that error and didn’t find much useful. Though it just occurred to me it might be worth looking in the mantis (digium bug tracking) system. Won’ t have time to do that today, but you might try.

Also, can you post the dial plan?

And are you running with -vvvvvvvv (for very verbose output)?

Good luck.