Stuck DTMF sound when using automon


I am trying to use automon with the “w” flag on the Dial application. When I press the key combination that starts recording ( I ve tried different combinations ), the recording starts, and the sound gets recorded; However the caller on the other end starts hearing a constant high pitched sound, as if the DTMF keys I pressed are stuck and the sound of the key presses keep being sent.

Does anyone know how to stop this ?


Same issue here when dtmf mode is on info for the trunk, and rfc2833 or inband on the extension.
I don’t think there’s a way to fix this but hopefully someone finds a way

Now as for the W:

I use freePBX. When i put a T in the outbound dial command, I had a similar issue, where if we push some buttons on the phone, the whole phone call “freezes”

Let’s say I dial 123456789, the other caller might here 12345 and nothing else. There will be one way audio for the rest of the phone call. The audio will be coming from the called party and that’s all.