Stripping off UK country code

Hi Guys,

I want to be able to strip off UK country codes from numbers on one of our trixboxes which is in the UK. All of our offices share a phonebook so numbers all have country codes on them (eg. 0044 1905 123 456) . In the UK it is not possible to dial a number starting 0044 from our line provider so I need to get our trixbox in the UK to remove “the 0044” and replace it with “0”.

Is there an easy way to do this?

I can strip off the 90044 in my outbound dial plan, but I have tried to add on a 0 in my trunk dial plan which doesnt seem to work. I have tried entering 0+NXXXXXXXXXXX which doesnt work.


I have tried stripping only the 9 in my outbound route (which works), then in my trunk I have tried adding 0044|0+XXXXXXXXXXXXXX which doesnt work.

I’ve managed to achive what I wanted now by stripping the 90 on the outbound routes, then stripping the 0044 on the trunk, and adding a 0 prefix on the trunk also.