Stress testing asterisk

Does anyone know of software-based solutions to simulate heavy loads on the asterisk system? I’d like to be able, say, to simulate several dozen incoming and outgoing calls in Asterisk and monitor the performance.


I too would like to know of a software to do stress testing on Asterisk… Please please do let me know if someone has such information…


Asterisk itself is a great way to test another Asterisk. Setup two servers, write automated scripts to perform stress testing against each other.

how to ? can you give me a hint? if i want to test the server’s loading when there are many iax2 calls(peer to peer or relay through server), how to use two server simulate?

From an engineering standpoint, an Asterisk system testing an Asterisk system isn’t a good idea.

When something fails, how do you identify the failing component?

Was it the system under test that failed? Was it the test script on the stress machine? Did they both fail because of a common bug or memory leak? If both systems are the same, then both systems are going to be subject to the same limitations, so when something fails it really doesn’t tell you anything.

If you want to stress a system, (and do it correctly) I suggest you pick up something like an Empirix Hammer.

They have an excellent stress tester that has a VOIP component. Yes. It costs money. But if you’re trying to create a product that you can sell, and you want to assure your customers that it will work, then you need to do some objective testing.

If you’re really not that interested, then skip the stress testing.

Hammer looks interesting, I will try that out just because I am curious.