Strange problem with Asterisk and DNS Resolving


Asterisk version: 11.11
OS: RHEL 6.4 (64-Bit) with 1000 HZ kernel timing and Ubuntu 14.04 Server (64-Bit)
Environment: Amazon EC2 (Shared Tenancy and Dedicated Tenancy)

I am sure that this is a strange problem only. I installed Asterisk in Amazon EC2 (Shared Tenancy). After installing Asterisk, my instance is not resolving the DNS (unable to ping to any server and unable to dig also). I tested with both Ubuntu and RHEL. The same is happening. Once I reboot the instance, DNS resolving is happening for some time. After some time, automatically this issue is occurring. Because of this, my asterisk server is unable to connect to other servers like DB server, proxy server etc.

The important point is here: This is problem is coming only in virtual environment only (Shared Tenancy). If we install Asterisk in a dedicated server (Dedicated Tenancy), not getting this issue.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


DNS is part of the OS, not Asterisk. This seems to be an issue for Amazon.

Note: I would never advise running real time software, like VoIP on a VM, particularly one where you do not have control of the host. In particular, the 1000Hz clock figure is pretty much irrelevant in such an environment.

Hello David,

Thanks for your reply.

I agree with you. But, I really don’t understand why this is happening after installing Asterisk only?



Anybody hosted Asterisk on Amazon EC2?