Strange error messages, what is the cause?

I am running Asterisk 1.2.13 with the DeStar GUI. For some reason, the GUI doesnt detect that the Asterisk server is running. I went back into Asterisk, and it now cycles the following errors:

Mar 16 20:05:40 NOTICE[3167]: manager.c:576 authenticate: tried to authenticate with nonexistent user 'destarman’
Mar 16 20:05:40 NOTICE[1037]: res_musiconhold.c:515 monmp3thread: Request to schedule in the past?!?!
Mar 16 20:05:40 WARNING[1037]: res_musiconhold.c:421 spawn_mp3: Found no files in '/usr/share/asterisk/mohmp3’
Mar 16 20:05:40 WARNING[1037]: res_musiconhold.c:493 monmp3thread: Unable to spawn mp3player

Can anyone tell me how to resolve the above problems?