Strange Call Record

I have a relatively simple * setup as I’m the only user. I do have a dialplan that will allow me to dial out so I’m curious as to what may have happened a few moments ago.

I left to go out for fast food and was not in my house at 8:11 PM when this record was entered in the log file.

I do have an account with FWDNET and use 323 as the digits that tell * to use the FWDNET account. I guess this is telling me someone from inside the FWDNET tried to call my system. Trouble is I don’t use FWDNET for anything other than testing. If someone dialed my FWDNET number by mistake that would answer this but I want to be sure what this log entry means. Can anyone tell me clearly?

“”,“3232901624”,“s”,“default”,""“3232901624"” <3232901624>",“SIP/10030-de3f”,"",“BackGround”,“flgwelcome”,“2006-09-22 20:11:41”,“2006-09-22 20:11:51”,10,9,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

“s” - most likely incoming call
from 3232901624.
You can call back to understand who called you