Stranded by previous rep

Hello all,

I’ve been brought in to help out with a neglected network of which their previous support provider has for the most part disappeared. Although I know network engineering very well, phone programming is a whole other beast.

My client is using Asterisk PBX and they want to be sure that 900 and 976 numbers are blocked. I have the login information for the server but have zero experience with this software. If anyone can provide me with a few command prompts to get this request fulfilled I would be most greatful.

Any other basic pointers as to common resolutions to common problems would be great too!

Thanks for reading,



Linux is a toolkit for creating PABXes. There is no simple general answer to your question. It depends on how your system has been configured. You will need to include extension pattern matches in appropriate places which match the rejected numbers better than any existing match and get them to stop the call, e.g. call the Hangup application.