Storing SIP Responses?

Hello everyone
I’ve been searching if Asterisk saves the SIP responses* of every call
Since I haven’t find them I suppose that Asterisk doesn’t store them by default, just 3 dispositions on the CDR’s:
Answered, No Answer and Busy.

Now i wonder if that is even possible…

*SIP responses are

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You have to do that yourself. The Asterisk core doesn’t know about SIP. SIP respnses are translated to ISDN code and then summarised to the ones you are seeing. There are functions for reading them from the dialplan.

I know that the dialplan can send data to a DB as part of a cdr field, and even change its value before, do you know the name of the data that i should look for?

I’ve seen this link
But im not really sure how to use it. (Its too raw material for me)

As always, thanks for your fast answer!

Edit: Should i use HANGUPCAUSE() or SIP_CAUSE()?

Edit2: I printed HANGUPCAUSE() between Dial and Hangup, it prints a SIP response

Using HANGUPCAUSE() gives you this answers:

I didn’t saw that post, but it’s what I did without using AGI

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