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I am using asterisk 13. One issue I am facing that during call remote party send INVITE ,message due to which call drops due to which ACD decreases. How can I do sending/reeving invite packets during call. In the mean while I have to do call recording for which I am using MixMonitor.

Is any method to increase ACD , Automatic Call Distribution

Asterisk will use re-INVITEs if you enable directmeida, if you enable connected line presentation (with sendrpid, in the case of chan_sip, or session timers are invoked,

If you are dealing with a broken system that cannot cope with Re-INVITEs, you need to disable all of these features.

Thanks Sir for your quick response :slight_smile: Attached is my sip setting please review. Actually I am getting very low ACD and not sure what is the issue.


You have some obsolete settings there

canreinvite is now called directmedia, but no is the correct setting.

I think sendrpid defaults to no.

That leaves session timers.

Also, you have language problem. ACD normally means automatic call distribution, but that is a binary choice, not something that can be low or high.

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I think within this context ACD is meaning average call duration. The provided information isn’t detailed enough to know precisely what is happening (for example it doesn’t show the direction of things). You’d need to show the Asterisk log and packet trace from there. For example if the remote side is hanging up, then you’d need to determine why.

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Here ACD is meaning average call duration.

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